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[software]Servers Alive - http://www.woodstone.nu
When this network monitoring program detects a down condition, it can respond with a variety of different user notifications and alerts. The alerts include sending an e-mail that describes what is down, sending a page to an alphanumeric pager, creating a Web page, playing a sound or sending an instant message. The program can monitor up to 1,000 entries, including all basic TCP services such as POP3, SMTP, DNS, NNTP, SSH and FTP...
Keywords: Servers Alive; Internet; Monitoring; Network; Servers Alive
Downloads: 116
[software]Proxifier - http://www.proxifier.com
With this program you can bypass firewalls and tunnel connections through HTTP and SOCKS proxy servers. You can work with any Internet clients (e.g. browsers, FTP, e-mail, ICQ, IRC, Kazaa, SSH, video/audio and games) from network that is separated from Internet by a firewall.
Keywords: Proxifier; Internet; Servers; Proxy servers; Proxifier
Downloads: 1,510
[software]Ability Mail Server - http://www.code-crafters.com/abilitymailserver/index.html
This mail server can run on the Internet or a LAN. It supports incoming and outgoing SMTP, POP3, IMAP4 and Web mail. There are also features for remote administration, virus protection, mailing lists, static routing, automatic sign-ups, aliases, redirection, auto-responses, multiple folders and an address books.
Keywords: Ability Mail Server; Internet; Servers; Mail servers; Ability Mail Server
Downloads: 129
[software]Unreal Media Server - http://www.umediaserver.net
This program streams AVI, MPEG-1, WMV, MP3, QuickTime, and other formats supported by Microsoft DirectX. It supports digital cameras, microphones and analog video sources connected to a video card or to a FrameGrabber card that supports the DirectShow interface. Live video content is compressed with MPEG-4 codec in real time, and MPEG Layer-3 or GSM formats are used for live audio compression. It provides RTP Multicast delivery, playlists and custom encoding profiles.
Keywords: Unreal Media Server; Internet; Servers; Web servers; Unreal Media Server
Downloads: 176
[software]CesarFTP - http://www.aclogic.com
With this FTP server, users can connect to you through any standard FTP client. It supports a complete virtual file system that lets you preserve your disk structure.
Keywords: CesarFTP; Internet; Servers; FTP; cesar; ftp; server; servers
Downloads: 171
[software]X-Win32 - http://www.Starnet.com
This is a PC X server that quickly and securely connects your Windows PCs to UNIX and Linux servers. Bringing common ground to the mixed OS environment, X-Win32 provides PC users seamless access to their Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, Redhat, Suse, Mandrake and other UNIX and Linux systems. The program includes OpenGL support for interactive 3D graphic applications, multiple XDMCP sessions for simultaneous connections to multiple UNIX and Linux servers, and LBX support for increased performance of X appli...
Keywords: X-Win32; Internet; Servers; X-Servers; X Win32
Downloads: 213
[software]MPNews - http://www.mutantpenguin.co.uk/mpnews/
This server provides your own newsgroups and access to Usenet. People can access your newsgroups through a standard news reader or a Web browser. The Web interface is customizable and additional templates are available. The program uses a standard database to store all of the newsgroups and messages, so you can develop custom Web applications with PHP and ASP. A configuration program is provided, and you can integrate your MPNews server with Usenet or start your own network of news servers.
Keywords: MPNews; Internet; Servers; News; MPNews
Downloads: 35
[software]WinSocks - http://www.proxylabs.com/
This is a Socks 4 and 5 firewall and proxy server. It can be used to provide secure network connectivity to a home or company network while requiring only the computer WinSocks runs on to have external network connectivity. It offers access control and logging facilities.
Keywords: WinSocks; Internet; Servers; Proxy; WinSocks
Downloads: 144
[software]DICE - http://exe.adam.ne.jp/dice/
This is a Windows Service Application and provides IRC, HTTP and opennap service on Windows 2000/XP/2003. In DICE, IRC clients and opennap clients talk to one another in the same channel. It provides RFC 1459/2812 compliant IRC clients connectivity, opennap-compliant directory-publishing service, HTTP-compliant WWW service, interoperability of IRC clients and opennap clients in chat channels, an IRC user-shell that provides single-signon to registered users or channel management, IRC host-spoof ...
Keywords: DICE; Internet; Servers; IRC; dice
Downloads: 34
[software]BaSoMail - http://www.baso.no/load.asp?id=4
This program turns your computer into a fully functional SMTP/POP3 mail server system. The program also has an newsletter database with subscribe and unsubscribe functions for. This database offers an unlimited number of accounts and aliases with forwarding and routing capabilities.
Keywords: BaSoMail; Internet; Servers; Mail; BaSoMail
Downloads: 100
[software]LiteMail - http://www.cmfperception.com/litemail.html
This mail server includes unlimited addresses, unlimited domains, forwarding, relaying, spam protection, a catch-all address and quotas. Integrated DynDNS and No-Ip dynamic DNS clients help make LiteWeb a complete and convenient server solution. The administrator is given a precise log of everything that occurs and has the ability to monitor and kill connections.
Keywords: LiteMail; Internet; Servers; Mail; LiteMail
Downloads: 28
[software]LiteWeb - http://www.cmfperception.com/liteweb.html
This Web server supports CGI, ISAPI, multiple domains, virtual paths, authentication, directory listings, MIME type editors, CGI interpretor editor and user pages. The administrator is given a precise log of everything that occurs, and has the ability to monitor and kill connections.
Keywords: LiteWeb; Internet; Servers; Web; LiteWeb
Downloads: 13
[software]LiteFTP - http://www.liteftp.com
This FTP server includes anonymous, shared, group, and superuser access and supports resume (upload and download), quotas, connection limits, speed per connection limits, advanced access controls, and unlimited accounts. Integrated DynDNS and No-Ip dynamic DNS clients help make LiteWeb a complete and convenient server solution. The administrator is given a precise log of everything that occurs and has the ability to monitor and kill connections.
Keywords: LiteFTP; Internet; Servers; FTP; LiteFTP
Downloads: 124
[software]ISMail - http://instantservers.com
This mail server for Windows supports Webmail, ESMTP, POP3 and IMAP4. It includes access controls, account forwarding, account quotas, anti-Spam filters, anti-Virus scanner support, authentication, multiple domains, server logging, Smarthost relaying, unlimited accounts, and vacation response messages.
Keywords: ISMail; Internet; Servers; Mail; ismail
Downloads: 59
[software]Inox - http://www.vmoon.com.pl/inox/
This is a system service that operates in background of your server. At defined time periods, it collects mail from external POP3 mailboxes and forwards it to your MS Exchange or other SMTP-compatible server. Administrators can monitor current activity and mail statistics and browse events logged to the system logs.
Keywords: Inox; Internet; Servers; Mail; Inox
Downloads: 47
[software]VShell - http://www.vandyke.com/products/vshell/index.html
This is a secure alternative to telnet and FTP with additional data tunneling services. It provides secure authentication, strong encryption and data integrity using SSH2. This application provides strong security for a remote command shell, TCP/IP port forwarding or secure file transfer. It can provide secure remote access to file and mail servers for telecommuters, and secure extranets for sharing files with customers and partners...
Keywords: VShell; Internet; Servers; FTP; VShell
Downloads: 40
[software]BajieServer - http://viscomp.utdallas.edu/FACADE/websrv/
This is a small Web server with a servlet and JSP engine. The supplied configuration servlet provides configuration options and the servlet/JSP auto-reload feature aids in development. The program also supports AJP13, multi-byte encoding (Asian language support).
Keywords: BajieServer; Internet; Servers; Web; BajieServer
Downloads: 17
[software]NetIdentD - http://projects.kenny.org.uk/netidentd
This is an ident server for your network. Once configured, it will receive ident requests coming in to your network and intelligently forward the request to the waiting computer. NetIdentD will serve your network no matter what size it is.
Keywords: NetIdentD; Internet; Servers; Miscellaneous; NetIdentD
Downloads: 30
[software]ASPMaker - http://www.hkvstore.com/aspmaker/
This program can generate a full set of ASPs from a Microsoft Access database or any ODBC data source. Using the generated ASP, users can view, edit, search, add and delete records in the database on the Web.
Keywords: ASPMaker; Internet; Servers; Server utilities
Downloads: 141
[software]CommuniGate Pro - http://www.stalker.com
This is a carrier-grade Internet mail server with multi-platform support. It can meet the needs of any size operation, from 50 corporate collaboration and e-mail users to 50 million wireless subscribers. The software features an array of built-in services including standards-based SMTP, POP, IMAP and Webmail. More than just e-mail, the solution also contains an integrated LDAP directory, Web server, calendaring/scheduling and list server...
Keywords: CommuniGate Pro; Internet; Servers; Mail
Downloads: 121
[software]MsgCore - http://www.msgcore.com
This Internet e-mail server brings SMTP and POP3 capabilities to your Microsoft Windows.NET 2003, Windows XP, Windows 2000, and Windows NT 4.0 computers. It is compatible with e-mail clients compliant to SMTP and POP3 standards, such as Microsoft Outlook, Netscape Communicator Messenger (Mozilla), Eudora, and hundreds of others. It can be used as an in-house mail server with no connection to the Internet...
Keywords: MsgCore; Internet; Servers; Mail; MsgCore
Downloads: 70
[software]GroupWare - http://www.altn.com/Products/Default.asp?product_id=GroupWare
Unlocks the collaborative functions of Microsoft Outlook using MDaemon as the mail server platform. Outlook users can share Calendar, Tasks, Contacts, Notes, and Journal folders without the expense or expertise required by Microsoft Exchange Server. It includes user configurable permissions. WorldClient will allow you to see items in your Outlook calendar from anywhere, and GroupWare licensing is independent of your MDaemon license size.
Keywords: GroupWare; Internet; Servers; Mail; GroupWare
Downloads: 63
[software]CrushFTP - http://www.crushftp.com/
This cross-platform FTP server has users, groups, ratios, quotas, SFV file verification and bandwidth limiters. You can even discover your WAN IP if you're behind a NAT firewall. It offers remote administration, a ticker window to display server statistics, a built-in user manager, a built-in log viewer and directory quotas.
Keywords: CrushFTP; Internet; Servers; FTP; CrushFTP
Downloads: 84
[software]GuildFTPD - http://www.guildftpd.com
This FTP server features plug-in and network support. It has the ability to set each login to a different port and provide log statistics. You can review graphs of past connections and control the speed of your uploads and downloads.
Keywords: GuildFTPD; Internet; Servers; FTP; GuildFTPD
Downloads: 85
[software]MDaemon - http://www.altn.com/
This POP3/SMTP server allows multiple users on your LAN to have e-mail access through a single connection. MDaemon supports multi-threading and multi-CPU capabilities, Sender Policy Framework, mailing lists, remote control, strong passwords, spam-blocker, content filtering, IMAP and multiple domains.
Keywords: MDaemon; Internet; Servers; Mail; MDaemon
Downloads: 97
[software]AdvantageWebLogAnalyzer - http://www.can-guru.com
This program analyzes Web site traffic and generates more than 200 detailed statistic reports on site visitors. Use for unlimited number of Web sites and pages.
Keywords: AdvantageWebLogAnalyzer; Internet; Servers; Web; AdvantageWebLogAnalyzer
Downloads: 40
[software]ezProxy - http://www.lavasoftware.net
This allows an entire network to share a single Internet account simultaneously while protecting valuable information with an integrated proxy server and firewall. This supports Internet connections of nearly any type, including broadband, and works with any software that supports proxy connections.
Keywords: ezProxy; Internet; Servers; Proxy; ezproxy
Downloads: 99
[software]SmarterMail - http://www.smartertools.com/Products/SmarterMail/
This mail server includes complete Web mail, advanced spam and content filtering, detailed usage statistics, list-serv, POP/IMAP, SMTP authentication, SMTP alternate ports, and exposed Web services for automation.
Keywords: SmarterMail; Internet; Servers; Mail; SmarterMail
Downloads: 73
[software]FTGate - http://www.ftgate.com
This mail server supports SMTP, POP3, ESMTP, and Web mail. It includes support for multiple domains, over 20 mailboxes, anti-virus integration and system monitoring. You can perform Web administration, proxy server and NT SAM integration, scripting and auto-response.
Keywords: FTGate; Internet; Servers; Mail; FTGate
Downloads: 233
[software]Plug and Play Servers - http://pandpsoftware.com
This Web server package provides all of the tools you need to host your own Web site. The Web servers include HTTP, Web chat, POP and SMTP mail, FTP, NNTP, DHCP, DNS and proxy. It includes unlimited domains, subdomains, form mail, spam filtering and hit counters. Plug and Play Web Server is completely menu driven.
Keywords: Plug and Play Servers; Internet; Servers; Web; Plug and Play Servers
Downloads: 55
[software]DeEnesse - http://www.cyberspacehq.com/deenesse
This is a DNS server that includes InterNIC registration, trace route, finger, ping and a domain editor.
Keywords: DeEnesse; Internet; Servers; Miscellaneous; server software; server programs; daemon; server tools; daemons; servers; deenesse; miscellaneous servers; s
Downloads: 68
[software]netMailshar - http://www.pppindia.com/intl/netmailshar/
This is a multi-functional mail server that enables every computer in an office to send and receive e-mail across the Internet and within a LAN. It provides centralized, generic protection against all e-mail viruses. Other features include Web mail; scheduled mail sending and receiving; multiple domains and unlimited POP3 account support; and e-mail archiving, monitoring, and filtering.
Keywords: netMailshar; Internet; Servers; Mail; MAIL SERVER; server programs; server software; email servers; mail; server tools; server; netmailshar; email; servers; mai
Downloads: 154
[software]WAPT - http://www.loadtestingtool.com
This is a load and stress testing tool for Web sites and intranet applications with a Web interface. It provides accurate load simulations and run-time test data generation. It can record and play back secure HTTPS requests and also provides graphs and reports.
Keywords: WAPT; Internet; Servers; Server utilities; WAPT
Downloads: 62
[software]Travel Mailer - http://raggio.esmtp.biz
This is a SMTP/POP3 server designed to be your personal e-mail server. You can still use your preferred e-mail client, and this server handles a large number of accounts.
Keywords: Travel Mailer; Internet; Servers; Mail; Travel Mailer
Downloads: 26
[software]Raiden DNSD - http://www.raidendnsd.com/
This is a DNS Server for Windows. It allows you to keep connection statistics and control the Web interface remotely. Users can update their own IP records and optimize memory usage. Dynamic IP assignment and multiple languages are supported.
Keywords: Raiden DNSD; Internet; Servers; Miscellaneous; Raiden DNSD
Downloads: 31
[software]HomeTalk - http://www.ftpserverapi.com/HomeTalk
This program allows you to use your personal Internet account to host chat sessions on your home computer. These sessions can be available to the public or private to only those individuals that you allow. Sessions are started through the use of an ActiveX control, which must be stored on your Web site along with a page for access to your server. This Web page allows users to chat, and transfer files to and from the server, depending on their permission settings...
Keywords: HomeTalk; Internet; Servers; Miscellaneous; hometalk; home talk
Downloads: 38
[software]Mail Direct - http://www.ocloudsoft.com/
This program lets you bypass your ISP's mail server and use your computer to send e-mail directly to recipients. Any e-mail that you send will go through. It will even terminate delivery of messages that you have sent to incorrect e-mail addresses.
Keywords: Mail Direct; Internet; Servers; Mail; Mail Direct
Downloads: 34
[software]ISAPIZip - http://www,isapilabs.com/
This is an add-on for Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) or any Web server that supports ISAPI filters, that drastically reduces the amount of bandwidth required to deliver content from the Web server. By reducing the size of the pages by up to 90 percent, it not only delivers faster loading pages, but also reduces the cost of serving the content. It offers different levels of compression and supports all modern Web content, streaming content, SSL content, PDF files, and XML.
Keywords: ISAPIZip; Internet; Servers; Server utilities; ISAPIZip
Downloads: 20
[software]MailSite SE - http://www.rockliffe.com?cid=9
This e-mail server for small enterprises includes anti-spam, anti-virus and groupware options. It provides a list server, Web mail server and wireless e-mail server.
Keywords: MailSite SE; Internet; Servers; Mail; MailSite SE
Downloads: 60
[software]eDock Server - http://www.software602.com/products/edock/
This is a secure document server that provides fast and convenient access to your documents from anywhere, giving you more control over the way you publish, share and distribute your documents online. You can access eDock Server using a standard Web browser from your local network or from anywhere on the Internet. Gain full-text search capabilities, image thumbnail generation, HTML previews and user management...
Keywords: eDock Server; Internet; Servers; Miscellaneous; eDock Server
Downloads: 87
[software]MailCarrier MailServer - http://www.tabslab.com
This mail server includes security and anti-spam functions. It supports SSL communication and SMTP/POP3 authentication methods based on SASL and NTLM that do not transmit messages or passwords in clear text. Many spam mails can be blocked through inquiry of sender's address, inquiry of RBL or filtering of message content. MailCarrier provides you with various methods for running multiple domains. It can execute a mail server instance per domain in a single computer and you can run multiple mail ...
Keywords: MailCarrier MailServer; Internet; Servers; Mail; MailCarrier MailServer
Downloads: 68
[software]Mercur Messaging Server - http://www.atrium-software.com/mercur
This is a scalable e-mail server for either LAN or Internet based communications. It supports POP3, IMAP4 and SMTP RFC protocols. There is built-in support for multiple domains and e-mail accounts, mailing lists and auto-responders. It also allows remote e-mail accounts, ODBC connectivity, and secure password authentication for SMTP, POP3 and IMAP4. There is attachment filtering for MIME-encoded attachments and open-relay database checking by DNS query...
Keywords: Mercur Messaging Server; Internet; Servers; Mail; MAIL; SERVER; server programs; server software; email servers; mail; server tools; server; email; servers; mail servers; pop3; smtp; imap4
Downloads: 114
[software]Hotline Server - http://www.hotspringsinc.com/
This is a chat messaging, file sharing and news related server. You can offer uploads and downloads to the users and give access to anyone. It allows you to set up rules, passwords and limitations. Note: To access your server, a user will need to download the Hotline Client.
Keywords: Hotline Server; Internet; Servers; Miscellaneous; hotline; server
Downloads: 158
[software]Avirt Soho - http://www.avirt.com
This is network and Internet sharing manager. It allows you to share one Internet connection across your LAN, provides automatic client configuration, automatic proxy detection, dial-on-demand and a firewall. It also offers standard e-mail, shared cache, DHCP server, DNS forwarding and activity logging.
Keywords: Avirt Soho; Internet; Servers; Proxy; Avirt Soho
Downloads: 128
[software]SurgeMail Mail Server - http://netwinsite.com
This e-mail server integrates with Web mail software, supporting all relevant RFC protocols, POP3, SMTP, IMAP4, LDAP, HTTP and TLS/SSL. The program can handle an unlimited number of users, unlimited domains, spam filtering and virus scanning. The "Friends Only" system allows users to only receive e-mail from friends, and non-friends are questioned.
Keywords: SurgeMail Mail Server; Internet; Servers; Mail
Downloads: 99
[software]UptimeTracker - http://www.mccreaengineering.com
This program checks at configurable intervals for the accessibility of one or more computers on the Internet. It can also verify that the Internet connection is working by attempting to contact a select group of external computers at regular intervals. Alerts can be sent to one or more e-mail address or they can be pop-up messages on the desktop. Your connectivity history can be viewed for any period through the program's reporting function.
Keywords: UptimeTracker; Internet; Servers; Server utilities; UptimeTracker
Downloads: 48
[software]PINO 3 - http://www.pino.org/
This client and server chat system supports unregistered and registered logins where the nickname is password-protected. Registered users can add additional information to their profile such as e-mail address, homepage URL and a description about themselves. A user can join multiple rooms at once. The administrator can define static system rooms that are always open. Four levels of user rights are available, including ChatOPs users who can kick others out of chats and temporarily ban them...
Keywords: PINO 3; Internet; Servers; Miscellaneous; pino
Downloads: 67
[software]CacheRight - http://www.port80software.com/products/cacheright
This program allows Web developers to create cache control policies without MMC access. It eliminates validation requests and ensures the proper caching of images and other content by both browser and proxy caches. A single configuration file in the home directory controls expiration by file location or file type.
Keywords: CacheRight; Internet; Servers; Server utilities; CacheRight
Downloads: 30
[software]VisNetic WebSite - http://www.deerfield.com/products/visnetic_website/
This program allows you to host secure e-commerce, business and personal Web sites.
Keywords: VisNetic WebSite; Internet; Servers; Web; VisNetic WebSite
Downloads: 151
[software]IA eMailServer - http://www.tnsoft.com
This is an Internet standards compliant e-mail server. It is the central repository for all electronic mail communication to and from your organization. Supported clients include Eudora, Microsoft Outlook and Netscape Mail. The program supports mailing lists, infoservers, and robot and group mailbox features. The spam control tools help you block unsolicited bulk e-mail, and the SmartPOP feature allows your organization to consolidate multiple POP accounts or utilize a single account for your co...
Keywords: IA eMailServer; Internet; Servers; Mail; IA eMailServer
Downloads: 88
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